Friday, August 26, 2011



Got a letter yesterday. From the unemployment office. They said I got accepted on the course.

I said a filthy word, twice, loudly.

From the interview, I got the impression they really thought the course wouldn't be right for me. They said it would be wiser if I found a course on entrepeneurship in stead. I said it sounds like a more sensible choice.

And then they went and accepted me and I had to swear. Which I don't usually do. My favourite curses are "voi ETTÄ" and "voi hyväntähen". Both are a bit difficult to translate, but basically they go for "oh dear" and "oh for bleebs sake".

I didn't sleep that well. Woke up at around four in the morning to fret. Dozed off at around six, and then hubby's alarm woke me up at 10:30.

By then I had decided I'm not going. No way, uh-uh. I know what I want to do, and how. I just would have liked to go over my plans with some nice lady from the previously mentioned unemployment office, but since they're obviously too busy to take the time to talk to me, I'll ask my sister instead.

She's smarter than they are, anyway.

So I called them this morning, and told them I won't be attending. The lady on the other end sounded very bored with her job. I kinda wanted to tell her to go out, and find her calling. I have, and I'm happy.

So. Now it seems I'm going to put up a business. Eventually. Probably not tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, but soon.

A bit scary.

I'm going to be a seamstress. And I'm also going to make knitwear. And the choice fills me with peace and happiness, a profound sense of being on the right track.

Obviously I'm not going to give up writing. I'm blessed with many callings :D

I've been going over Jay, and found I've left blanks. So the story isn't completely told. Which is nice, since I really like spending time with Jay.

This truly is the year when life turns upside down. Hope it does stay all good.

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