Wednesday, August 24, 2011

it ended all too soon

Finished the first draft of Jay. Feeling a touch sad.
It's almost like saying goodbye to a loved one, though the work is far from being done.
But the story has been told, and soon it's time to let go. Allow one more child to fly out into the world.

Got my first review today. Five stars on the Witch Hunt. Yes, I cried. Then I remembered all the typos I'd left in, and felt not-worthy. Someday I'll go over it again, and correct them.
But not today. Today I have to design a blazer so I can start looking for fabrics for it. I want it done before the turn of the month, since I'm going away.

For a week, to visit my sister. I don't like leaving unfinished work behind, so. Must create, must force out design :D

So. I went to the interview yesterday. I told the ladies there that I want to sew, and write my books, and maybe write for a magazine, and they said, yes, this course isn't the right place for you. I said thank you very much, and went shopping for yarn. Found what I was looking for, too, which was nice.

I wore a dress I made a week or so ago. With a red blouse and a tie. Must have made a very good impression, clothes-wise, since the guy before me was wearing stained sweatpants :P

So. Must create.
I like creating :)

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