Wednesday, August 17, 2011

if shoes = happiness and money = shoes, then money = happiness

I've been quiet for a really long time. Very unlike me. I can only blame Jay, and having been forced to Have Fun.
Luckily, summer's almost over, and I can concentrate on... umm... having no life?
Anyway, went shopping yesterday. To Seinäjoki. It's a relatively small town, but it has a huge number of flea markets.

I found a fabric, to line my old fur coat with. It's fake fur, or course. I'm bored with it, so I'm going to tear it to shreds, and re-do it differently. With a red lining.

I really like red.

I found a cute top. too. I've never owned anything with skulls on it, but now I do.

Cost me 2€, but when I brought it home, I noted it was broken.

I'm going to have to shorten it a bit. Which doesn't really matter since it's too long anyway.
I also found a basic longsleeved T. H&M quality.It was new, and my size, so I bought it. Without looking so carefully. At home, I noted some dumbass had stapled the tag on it. So if the certain someone selling her stuff @ ullakko in Seinäjoki, table 105, is reading this, DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN.

The staples gave me quite a scare, but I managed to get them out without leaving a trace of them on the top. But still, it was really careless and stupid on the sellers part.

And then the heels.

At the very first flea market I found a pair of shoes. Very, very pretty shoes, almost new, priced at 4€. I tried them on, and my feet declared they want to live in the shoes forever. So I bought them.

Then I started thinking I've seen them somewhere, and after going through many, many lifestyleblogs, I found them. They're almost an exact copy of a shoe Pennangalan's made at some point. Still, I love my new heels.

High, yet not uncomfortable.

Lacing, I'm seeing red satin bows.

Loveliest profile I've seen in a long time.

Practical soles, too.

They need a quick trip to the shoemender, since I refuse to wear them until they've been given metal heelpieces. Plasticy ones wear out too quickly, and they don't make a sound as scary.

Today I got a call to an interview. There's a course on how to get a job, and the local job-office thought I'd be perfect for it, and forced me to apply. It's next Tuesday, the interview. I'm going to wear my best smile, and tell them I already made plans for my future, and that I don't need any help, thank you very much. And I won't even be lying.

Hopefully I won't have to go on the course. I want to go up north in the beginning of next month, to visit my niece. I have a feeling she needs Auntie to paint her nails :D

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  1. My heels have been to the menders. For the low price of 10€ they got black metal heelpieces. The shoemaker was even nice enough to fix a small tear on the other shoe.

    Happyhappy joyjoy <3


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