Sunday, July 31, 2011

you're so beautiful

It's funny what a corset, some necklaces and a parasol will do. Sadly, I'm not pretty anymore. Got burnt, and now I look like those female body builders from the eighties: crisp and tan and quite red.

Went to a fleemarket today. Not to buy, but to sell. Unfortunately, it was outside, on a huge field. And of course it was sunny, and of course I forgot my sunblock, and of course the bleeping parasol was too lacey to keep the rays off my alabaster skin. So now I look like a cooked lobster.

Which is merely a touch irritating, considering all that goes 'round today.

Anyway, we made the grand total of 21 euros. Not merely enough to compensate for ruined complexion. People just walked on by, giving my rags a glance, and if they paused, they paused to admire me.

Someone said I looked like a piece of jewelry. Which is funny, since all gothic girls look like ornaments, frail and delicate and covered in lace and ribbons. Made me wonder if I'm the only one here.

Living in the country sometimes bites, big time. I'm feeling a tad out of place, I'm bored with all my clothes (which is why I wanted to unload them, which is why I went to the fleamarket to realize I'm not only out of place but also too small) and the bloody internet is slow.

Luckily, Jay still keeps me entertained.

Anyway, I'm burned and cranky. And a bit tipsy. Woke up at 5:30 (I had my alarm on at 7, and of course I had to wake up two hours early just to see how long I have to sleep), had a long day, and then I decided I wanted a sauna. And you cannot have sauna without beer. It's against all the rules.

I'm going to have a ::smoke now, finish off my cider, and hit the sack. I get the whole bed to myself since hubby went to a camping site or whatever to pig out with a friend of his.

Ah, the simple pleasures. Let's just hope the sunburns won't keep me up all night.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

car vs. bike

So. Hubby has two rides. A car and a motorcycle. I got to thinking which one I like best.

This one
is a lot of fun. But. If it's rainy or windy, the ride's uncomfortable. On second thought, it's uncomfortable on sunny days, too, since you have to wear protective gear in case some prick decides to mow you over with their car.

And then there's the good old audi.
I have a tendency of sliding into a dream-like state whenever I'm put in/on a moving vehicle. In a car, it's not a bother. But on a bike it's proved dangerous quite many times already. Every bump or speed up is a surprise, and if you're not prepared, you might fall off. In a car, however, I can daydream all I like. While wearing a dress.

That's the upside I like the most: being free to wear anything I like, or make a wicked do, or paint my face with many, many colours (OK, I use just two, but still, I could, if I wanted to) without having to fear ripped skirts of flattened out hair or messed up helmet.

In a car you can read, or write, or have a snack, or take a nap. On a bike you're pretty much left with hanging on.

I think I prefer the car. How boring is that.