Friday, June 24, 2011

Yarns and fabrics and bling-bling, oh my

Hubby bought a car. An Audi 80. So we're not stranded anymore when it rains. Wuppee!

Yesterday we took advantage of the situation, and went to Tampere. He had band practice, so I went shopping. I hit the shops at 2:30, and by four I had so much stuff I couldn't carry it anymore. So I went to a bar, and had a beer, and wrote until my arm was sore. Fun <3 I finally found fabric to make curtains for the bedroom. It only took me a month or so.

It's actually a fitted sheet... but recycling is a good thing, and I can sew. So who cares, it's pretty and that's it. I took it apart this morning, and realized I was blessed with loads of fabric for 4,50. I'm happy.

I also found yarn from the flea market. Mohair, violet. I'm going to make a scarf out of it, when I have the time.

I'm actually and literally drowning in yarn, and still I can't stop myself from buying more and more and more.

I found another thing I'd been looking for for a long time. This.

I had one before, but it broke. And then I couldn't find one to replace it. Until now. H&M to the rescue, at the cost of one euro. Again, super-happy. Now I can get my hair to stay out of my eyes without tying it down.

And then for the bling-bling. It started to rain as I came out of H&M, so I made a mad dash for the bar. Unfortunately, it was a full block away, and it was really pouring. So I made a stop at Seppälä. I hardly ever go there, 'cause they have nothing I like. But this time they did.

Could not resist. I thought it would be 6,95, but the pretty girl at the counter said only wanted 3,50 for it. Big jewelry has always been my achille's heel.

And then it was four o'clock, and I'd only been to five shops, and there was no way in hell I'd drag the bag full of goods to the other side of town and back again, so I went to the bar. As mentioned earlier.

It's mid-summer's eve today. Everybody's partying. I'm going to sew my curtains, and wash them, and have spaghetti, and play heroes of might and magic while knitting, and then have a sauna with a beer or five.

Hyvää Juhannusta, te kaikki yksi lukija <3

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