Monday, June 20, 2011

lies from the tablecloth

Last week, at some point, hubby took me shopping. I went hunting for white buttons, and came home with nailvarnish. Black and silver. Had to try the silvery one on straight away.

It's quite nice, a little paler than I'd hoped, but for 1,95 who can complain. Lasts ok, too, but smells horrible.

Then, since it was by B-day, hubby bought me yarn. I liked the shade of red, and I'm going to knit a pair of knee-high socks for the winter. I trust it's going to get a bit chilly here.

Speaking of birthdays, it was mine yesterday. Celebrated by going to provinssirock. Here's proof of it.

Also proof of the hangover I woke up with this morning. Still not feeling entirely stable. Soon I'm going to ask if hubby will play HOMMIII with me. He was really nice yesterday, drove us all the way there, and picked us up too, and while we were getting hammered and partying, he'd filled the fridge with food. Strange man <3 The cause of my hangover is this.

I didn't even finish it, and still it made me feel faint. Bad booze.

Also wore clothes. This is my trusted party-gear, suitable for all conditions.

Yes, the skirt's too short. I'm a smart girl, though, and wore shorts underneath.

Speaking of clothes. My hippie-sister-in-law didn't wear much at the festival. She wore a bikini top, and capris, and everybody stared at her. Guys, of course, acted like they'd never seen boobs before, and girls gave her the evil eye. I don't get that. How come it's so wrong to show some skin? What's the harm in that? Since when has it been a tabu, and why? And how come it's a tabu in finland, where we take our clothes off at the slightest hint of sauna? Weird.

Did see SOAD, too. Which was totally awesome. We stayed at the back, since none of us had the desire to get stomped to death, but still they totally whupped butt. Happiness, I haz it <3

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  1. Hakusana, jolla blogiini päädytään useimmin, on yllättäen "kaatoryyppy". Mikäli tällä haulla tänne päädyit, salli miun lausua varoituksen sana: kaatoryyppy on pahaa, siitä tulee ihan kamala krapula, eikä se muutenkaan ole mitään kikatusviinaa, mikä miusta on parasta. Osta siis siideriä, älä kaatoryyppyä.


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