Friday, June 10, 2011


We went to the zoo yesterday. Ähtäri is only about 25 kms away from where we live now, so I get to go ogle at the snowleopards as often as I like. Yey!
Yesterday, however, the leopards were asleep. I only saw one tail. It was a very pretty tail, but not too entertaining. Must visit them again, on a cooler day.
Other animals were more active. Especially the one snake they have. It's one of the two snakes that live in Finland, the grass snake.

Really pretty. Looking at it made me really want to have a snake. A small one. Now we'd even have the space.

And then there were the lynx. Three of them. Two were asleep, but one was walking around the cage, seemingly very irritated. Hubby said it must have just gotten in, so it wasn't used to being in a cage yet. Or then it just didn't like people looking at it.
I was alone for a moment with it, and it came to say hi to me. It came right near the fence, and stared at me, and then it started sharpening it's nails on a tree trunk, and playing with a rope. It was unbelievably cool <3 And then other people came to make noise and point, and it started walking around again, and making irritated noises.

The coolest cat ever <3 I found out my cool new summerdress isn't very practical. It's short, and wide, and we all know what happens. It flies. Middle-aged ladies didn't look upon me that kindly :D

The ride home was a bit horrible... As we were leaving, I organized the dress so I'd make it without flashing. And then hubby drove into a bumb, and the dress went flying. I reckon half the village saw my knickers. And then he hit an even bigger bumb, and I went flying and hit my ankle on the foot rest. I'm getting a huge bruise. Could have been worse, though. Had he driven faster, we would have tumbled over and I'd be in the hospital now in stead of winging about a bruised ankle and having to spend the entire weekend home alone since hubby's band's playing a gig in Tampere.

Guess I'll take advantage of the situation, and pull out my sewing machines.

Oh, there's was also a measure-yourself-booth at the zoo. I'm this tall!

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