Thursday, April 28, 2011

100 things about Me

Still haven't thought of anything to do. So, since I'm horridly egocentric, I'll share. Stuff about me.
Let's see if I can find 100 interesting facts together.

1. Heather Wielding is not my real name. It's a pen name. I chose it to match the initials of my other sidepersonality, Her Wickedness. She makes music.
2. I'm married to a man I found on the internet. He plays the guitar in a band called BoneFleshDolls. I love him.
3. My Dream is to be a real Author, that is, to live off my books.
4. I have a sister. She's smart, pretty and perfect in every way. She's married to a British guy and they have a little girl. I don't get to see any of them often enough.
5. I'm not that crazy about my parents. I love them to bits, of course, but they're not the sort of people I like hanging around with.
6. I don't have a degree in anything.
7. I'd like to have a snake someday, but I'm afraid I'd kill it. I'm not very good with living things.
8. I don't like negative people. The sort that's always complaining about what-not. If life hands lemons, make lemonade and shut up about it.
9. I don't like being touched by strangers.
10. I'm quiet. I hardly ever speak in public. It's not because I'm shy, it's because I'm always thinking about something else.
11. I like drinking. It doesn't really matter what I drink, it's the act that pleases me. I drink an awful lot of water every day.
12. I have a panic disorder. It's very mild, but every now and again I get pretty certain I've developed a horrid illness which will lead me to an early grave.
13. I don't like windows. Which is why I'm an ubuntu-user.
14. My favourite computer game ever is Heroes of Might and Magic III. I can't get it to work in ubuntu :D
15. I'm easily provoked.
16. I've never fitted myself under a label. I'm a freak.
17. I can't watch telly without knitting or crocheting something. If I try to sit still without doing anything I start feeling really useless.
18. I'm afraid of wasps.
19. I have a pet turtle. His name is Amadeus, and he is filled with cotton.

20. I've never owned a car, nor had my name on a lease for an appartment.
21. I've never had an actual job.
22. I'd like to live in a house someday. By the lake, preferably.
23. I hate doing the washing up.
24. I make most of my clothes.
25. I cut my own hair. Simply because it's curly(ish) and hairdressers make a right mess of it. I get it to look better if I just do it myself.
26. I'm allergic to birch trees and everything furry.
27. My favourite food is chicken.
28. I was a vegetarian for 7 years. I quit because I developed an anemia.
29. I like gin. If I'd have to name my favourite spirit, it would be gin.
30. I was born on a Sunday. I believe that's what made me a shiny happy people.
31. I don't like living in an apartment building. There's always someone walking behind the door, doing the renovating, or just in general, making noise.
32. Noise makes me stress out.
33. I don't like being told what to do. I do things the way I want, when I want. Asking nicely brings better results.
34. I have three cacti, and I've named them all. Elvis, Samson and Hercules.
35. I don't like calling people on the phone. If possible, I email them. Or text. Or stop by.
36. Children frighten me. They break easily.
37. I'm clumsy. That's why I try not to handle valuables.
38. I have more clothes than I can ever wear, and still I can't stop myself from buying more, more, more.
39. I don't like saying things twice. Repeating oneself is a waste of time and energy.
40. I get distracted really easily. Something shiny actually takes my attention away from what I'm doing.
42. I like cats better than dogs. Cats purr. And their fur feels nicer. And smells better.
43. I don't like traveling by public transport. There's always a time-table to follow and...
44. ... I'm constantly 15 minutes late.
45. I use knitted discloths. They're pretty, and they smell nicer than the ones you get from the shops.
46. I like baking better than cooking.
47. I'm on the internet most of my waking hours. I don't sit at the computer all the time, though.
48. I've never bothered to categorize the music I listen to. It seems pointless to me.
49. I don't know how to put make-up on properly. That's why I usually trust the good old "mascara-lipstick"- combo.
50. I also don't know how to do hair-dos.

Haflway there, and I'm running low on facts.

51. I really am in love with myself. Not in that vain, obnoxious way, though.
52. Everybody thinks I have low self-esteem. I don't understand why.
53. I like the sun, but I don't want it to touch me. I prefer to sit in the shadow.
54. My skin is super-sensitive. I'm often bothered by the weight of my clothes, or a hair touching my neck.
55. I comb my hair once, maybe twice a month, and it still doesn't get tangled up.
56. I like doing tests on the internet to see whether the makers of the tests got it to fit My Personality.
57. I am persistent and insistent. If I really want something, I won't give up until I get it.
58. I do most my shopping at flea-markets.
59. I'm a very good liar, but I don't usually lie.
60. I've moved only two times in my life.
61. I believe there truly are fairies.
62. Books are important to me. They're my valued treasures, and I don't like other people reading them. They might get the pages dirty, or bend the covers.
63. I never go without nailpolish. And I paint my toenails, too, all 'round the year.
64. I don't like things out of order, but I don't like cleaning up, either.
65. I don't do any exercising.
66. I like the sauna. But it mustn't be too hot.
67. Cold and dry air makes the skin of my hands break. It tears, and that's very painful.
68. I get cranky when I'm hungy.
69. I like long hair. Long, blond hair, to be exact. I wish mine could go blond.
70. ... but it can't, since it had a healthy doze of red pigment, and bleaching it makes it orange. I know, I've tried.
71. I like something sweet in the morning. Toast with jam and cheese, preferably.
72. I'd like to know how to make furniture. But I'm afraid to try, 'cause I'm clumsy and the tools needed are sharp.
73. I like painting walls.
74. I can't swim properly.
75. I like skirts and dresses better than pants. They're more comfortable.
76. I don't like people who like to talk about themselves all the time. Conversing with others should be resiprocal.
77. I've never driven a car in the city I currently live in.
78. My favourite TV-show ever is Farscape. Chiana was one of the first girls I had a huge crush on.
79. My hobby growing up was finnish folk-dancing. I stopped at the age of 19 and I still sorta miss it :D
80. I usually type staring out the window, without looking at the screen, the keyboard or my hands. And I don't even do many typos. Wow.
81. If I don't get to write in the morning, my head starts feeling too large, and I get annoyed and irritated and cranky in every way.
82. I'm easily amused. If you wish to entertain me, put water in a kettle, and let me watch the steam it makes when it boils.
83. I'm quick to anger. When I get really PO'd, I throw stuff.
84. I epilate my legs instead of shaving them. Stubble itches really bad, and sticks to socks.
85. I like light colors in interior design, cream, pale wood, shades of red. Dark colors make me feel gloomy.
86. I don't like soup. It's like having a drink instead of dinner, and that's not satisfying.
87. I hate the noises people make when they eat. That's why I like to eat alone.
88. I still don't really understand how my body works. I don't notice when I'm thirsty, forget to drink, start feeling faint, and then panic 'cause I don't know what's wrong with me. Sad.
89. I like the sound paper makes. I can tell apart blank pages, printed pages and hand-written pages just by listening to the sound they make when they turn.
90. I also like the sound keyboards make.
91. I like making paper-dolls. I hope my niece will start liking them soon, so I'll have an excuse to draw them.
92. I'd like to own a huge collection of my little ponies. I'd also like to modify them myself.
93. I hug trees. Really. In the middle of the city. People around here look at me funny.
94. I'd like to see a lynx in the wild someday. But I don't really like going into the woods. There's bugs there, and most of them bite.
95. The best thing about where we live now is the fact that bunnies come under our window to eat. I get to watch them almost every night. I'm going to miss them when we move.
96. I have a painting of hubby and me in my bedroom.
97. I listen to quite many bands almost religiously, but I don't know the names of the people who play in them, nor do I know what they look like. And I don't really care. It's the music I want, not their faces.
98. I'm a bit cheap. I don't like spending money on things that aren't really necessary.
99. I hate it when people don't know how to do their jobs.
100. I remember by seeing. If I need to recall something, I can look up a mental photo of it. It's really handy, and sometimes spooky.

That was two hours well spent :D


  1. I recently composed my own(sort of) private net pages into the (finnish) City -magazine net site. I did this in order to get an acquaintance, perhaps a friend.

    In order to make the decision easy for him/her, I sort of squeezed a concentration of my values and likings into one page. When I added 110 pictures of my life with texts, I was nearly horrified.

    A total stranger could now get to know me far more intimately than working alongside of me for 10 years, and all this in less than 15 minutes, if the stranger is as fast reader as I am.

    This is new for me, and still a little bit frightening. A rather complete loss of privacy, and self-inflicted!

    Heather here reveals herself even further, and I could not prevent the thought, whether Heather feels any unsureness. Or maybe I am just not that a modern person....yet.

    A new age has truly arrived, with a new etiquette. Perhaps in the near future, everybody scans the personality of everyone they meet, within minutes.

  2. I grew up on the internet, sharing stuff about Me with no consideration what-so-ever. Things I've shared here are already posted all over the web, not as a list, but as bits and pieces of information, scattered here and there for any stalker to gather.

    Losing intimacy, in a way, doesn't really bother me. It doesn't scare me or frighten me. It sort of comes with the territory.

    My person is public. Always has been, always will be.

    Wholly my person is revealed in my songs. I've poured my heart out a million times. Entertaining is not about hiding oneself. It's about not being afraid to shed light upon oneself.


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