Saturday, March 29, 2014

Feeling Better

As the title may indicate, I'm feeling better. 
I can even pinpoint the reason to this sudden change. Actually it's not just one reason, but a bundle of many. All of which are really boring and work-related. 
I'll share anyway. 

First, I updated my ubuntu. Which sorted out the persistant problems with my scanner. It works now without me having to resort to all sorts of mystical scripts if I want to, like, scan an image. Yay! 

Second, I got all of my paperwork done. Yay! 

Third, I thought I'd update my webshop real quick, and the whole thing exploded. 
Why is this a good thing, you may ask. As did I. Well. Turns out, I now have the latest version of PrestaShop, and it's a lot nicer than the old version I had before the meltdown. I even get a really cool layout. So Yay! 
A lot of work is still to be done, but that's fine. The rush of orders is cleared, and I can concentrate on getting my hands dirty with the shop. 

In order to celebrate, we went to the club in Ähtäri. They had live music! And I wore clothes, look! 
Skirt: H&M, second-hand, modded a  bit
DeathRock Bustier: Heather Wielding Original
Shoes: Second-hand, heavily modded

The club had two bands playing. The first was... how can I put this in a nice, polite way... well, they were really young, and had a lot of potential. 
The second band, Nodian, was a lot better. And pretty. They played black metal and did it rather well. While being very pretty. 
Check them out, I recommend if you're into black metal.

So. Back to clothes. I thought I'd go for a more metal-sort of look, but getting dressed, pretty happened. I chose a skirt I haven't worn out yet, since it's very big and very airy and it flies like crazy. Being that we weren't going to spend but a moment outside, I decided to give the skirt a go. I paired it with a brand-spanking new DeathRock Bustier, which I'm turning into a pattern/tutorial. It's supported with sewable rigilene tape, which makes it both comfortable and machine washable. 

I'm really enjoying wearing my hair up for a change. It's been short for so long I'd almost forgotten what it's like to have a proper (if a bit messy) hair-do. I did my lips a bit differently: I lined them with black, and added pink lipstick. I rather liked the result, it's black but not in an "in your face" sort of way. 

We took photos in a real hurry, so they're a bit shoddy. One of them was worse than the rest, but it had a really big smile. Since Goths are supposed to be gloomy and moody, I want to share smiley pictures when I can :P

Until next time

Friday, March 21, 2014

Gone Shopping

Whenever I think to myself "I'll be a better blogger", it's when everyone all of a sudden needs a new dress. 
I've been swamped with work. After the last post, I actually had a little bit of a meltdown, and had to force myself to take four days off right in the middle of a sewing-chaos. 
One lives, one learns. I now know I can't work 24/7. I need at least one day off per week. To play Oblivion. Or to dribble on pretty English men. 

Y-day, Husband wanted to go shopping. I'd tackled the last of the flood of orders to a point of "I need a fitting", so it was perfect timing for a day off. 
It was a cold, snowy day, the last day of real winter, I hope. And I wasn't dressed for it. 
In the morning, I felt like I needed something really pretty to take my mind off... well, everything. So I wore my new favourite dress, and paired it with my tartan corselet. 
And for the first time in two years, I got my hair into a bun! 
Wrap-cut dress, waist corselet: Heather Wielding Originals
Mesh top: second hand
Scissor pendant: Goottikirppis

We went to Seinäjoki to loot the flea markets. Husband's cousin (his hair is longer than mine, jealous over here) came with, and took us to dinner later. We went to Daddy's Diner, and I got to regret wearing a corselet... it's boned with plastic, but still made me feel really nauseous after stuffing myself with a humongous garlic burger and almost all the chips that came with it... Note to self: do not do that again. 

Daddy's Diner was really nice, I liked the food and the atmosphere (it was like having walked into Pulp Fiction, only the waitresses weren't dressed as famous pin-ups) and I will return there for cheesecake some day soon. 

Shopping was good, too, I dug up some fabrics and a pretty little top for the summer. And no, I didn't think to take pictures of what I found, silly me. 

I wish, I wish, I wish.

I'm still not out of the funk that got me down earlier. It's transformed a bit, leaving me very angry, but... I don't know. I think I need a vacation, like, somewhere else. Like, at Mom's and Dad's. Or with Sis and hers. Anyplace else where it's warm and quiet when I try to sleep.

So. Tomorrow, I get another day off. On Sunday, too. 
What does the mad dress maker do on her day off? Sew for herself. 

Until next time

Monday, February 10, 2014

February Theme: Outerwear

This months theme on  Sophistique Noir was outerwear. 
I almost didn't make it in time. 

I just finished altering my favourite winter coat. I featured it on my other blog last winter, but only wore it once after it was completed. I figured the gusset in the back made my tail look big, so the pretty coat got forgotten. 
Until today. 
I took it out, tried it on, and ripped the gusset out, replacing it with a slit.

Originally, I made the coat from another coat I no longer liked. I altered it drastically, and added a warm lining. 
The coat now bears a pirate-y feel, with large, lace-trimmed cuffs and buttons in the back. 

The collar is very high. I wanted it closed so I wouldn't have to wear a scarf with this coat. 
The length is practical here where every distance is covered by car. 

All in all, it's a very pretty coat, and I'm glad Mrs Kitty's theme made me unearth it from the depths of my wardrobe. 


Saturday, February 8, 2014

... so that's what it was

The blues didn't fix itself. Instead, it turned into crankiness. For a week or so, I had to fight an urge to throw sharp, pointy objects at Husband. 
Naturally, he didn't cause the crankiness, but since he's closest, he gets to suffer when I'm on a bad mood. 

Life is, like, so fair. 

So. On Thursday, we went to Jyväskylä. Mom and Dad live there, and since Finntroll was playing in Lutakko, we thought it was time to take a little break from work and the House and responsibilities. We left on Thursday, and returned on Friday, but the little holiday did wonders to my desire to inflict pain. 

Mom and Dad's house is amazing. It's big, it's beautiful, it's warm. Dad has redone most of it with his own two hands, and the results of his work are stunning. During the summer, he re-did the stairwell, giving their house a face-lift which transformed it from a lovely place to a designer home. I love-love-love the house, and seeing it again after a long while made me homesick. 
And then I got jealous. 
I wish I was as capable as Dad. It would be so nice to pick up a hammer and do wonders to this place. 

... and then again, how hard can it be? Surely I could learn. 
Must study. 

So. Finntroll. No outfit photos. I got a new camera for Christmas, but I still can't remember to take it with... 

I hadn't seen Finntroll before. I didn't even know what sort of music they played. I just sorta went along when Husband said it'd probably maybe be nice to go. 
I'm so glad I did, I loved them! I stood there watching with the biggest grin on my face for the entire gig. Which was really long. It was so much fun. 
It's been a long while since a new band has done that to me. It was really nice to get such a perfect surprise. 

Standing there, watching, I realized what had made me so angry and blue. 

I miss bands. 

Living in Tampere, we went to see bands at least once a month. Here, we see one once a year if we're lucky. And it's always a band Husband picks, and never anything I want to see. 
Because the bands I want to see never come here in the middle of nowhere. 
So to compensate, I've been listening to The 69Eyes most of the evening. Husband hates them, but I sorta grew up with them playing.

I miss long hair and machine made smoke. Testosterone and pretty boys with make-up on. 
I miss living in a house with a roof that doesn't leak, and where mice don't surprisingly crowd the closet when the master of the house goes to Tampere to get wasted. 

Mice, goddammit. I've always dreamed of living in a house with a rodent problem and a leaky roof. 

Could be worse, of course. We could still be living in Tampere. With, like, bars and bands and pretty boys with long hair and make-up.

So, home alone 666. Last time I was home alone, I did nothing but work. 
Today, I've mostly been working on an outfit for a client. But now... 
Husband got both Thor-movies. I'm so goan go drool on Loki now. 


Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I've been feeling blue lately. 
This is strange for me: I'm one of the shiny happy people. 
To compensate, I've been immersing myself in work. Writing and sewing have filled my days, but done little to lift my spirits. 
Yesterday, Husband took me shopping. Mopey Woman found three pieces of clothing she intends to alter to fit her figure, and a glittery cardigan she refused to take off. 

I never wear clothes straight from the flea market. I wash them first. This one, however, has stayed on since I tried it after returning home. Paired with a puffball-bondage skirt, I felt safe.

Grey Top: H&M
Glitter Cardigan: Second Hand
Puffball-Bondage Skirt: Heather Wielding Original

The house is cold. Dreadfully so. We had real winter weather with temperatures down to -25C for a few weeks, and I was frozen. With two skirts, tights, kneehigh wool socks, two pullovers and fingerless mitts I was still frozen to the core. To top it all up, as the weather turned warmer, the roof started leaking. 

I miss Mom and Dad's house. Wish I could just move back in. 

This is one wall of our kitchen. The door leads to a corridor which connects to GrandMa's side of the house.

The doors here make noise. All of them have their own, unique voice. And all of them need a kick to both open and close. I like kicking stuff, but this is a bit ridiculous. 
Also, the light in the loo has developed a habit of flicking itself on for a heatbeat after it's turned off. If I didn't know better, I'd say this place is bloody haunted. 

One more reason to miss Mommy. 

In order to scare off any spirit (someone has actually died in this house, in a pool of blood, so at least I know whose spirit, if any, wonders), I make noise now. 
The bracelets came from my Mopey shopping spree. They match my favorite ring perfectly. 

In the background, last night's agenda. 
I knit a kid-sized wool sock from what I had left over after my kneehighs while watching both Conan-movies and drinking cider. 

Now, I'm going to make myself another dinner, and watch American Horror Story. 

Until next time. 

PS: Since I hardly ever go anywhere nice anymore, I figured I'd try to take more photos of outfits worn around the house. Prepare yourselves for the horror of makeupless Mopey Woman.

Monday, January 13, 2014

"There's only one God, ma'am, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that"

Blistering wind. 
What a good day for a photo shoot. 

As You probably have noticed, I'm a nerd. Major nerd. I live for books and movies, crave to enter realms that never have existed. 
Today, I got to make one bonkers idea come true. 

You see, as a nerd-girl, I have, naturally, developed a liking toward Loki. After watching the Avengers for the fifth time, I realized I had to have... 
His coat. 

As I knew this would be a garment worn only once for a photo shoot, I made a Loki-inspired coat in red velvet, with inserts of black leather. 
Nuts? Yes. Fun? Oh God, yes. 

 I can't remember the last time I wore a mad grin while sewing. How I've missed it. 

Since the weather was beautiful and, in every way, perfect (not), I wanted some of the pictures taken outside. 

 What I hadn't taken into account was that the air is never still up here. -15C is fine when it's not windy. -15C when the wind blows at 4m/s is murder. My fingers froze to the core before I even got to the shore, and in the middle of the ice covered lake, I had to struggle not to shiver. 

 The light of a winter day was beautiful. I wish the weather would have allowed me to stay a little longer, but the crippling fear of knowing that I have three minutes left until my fingers literally snap off drove me back inside.

 The adventure is now over. I have to return to real life, and, like, work. 
But for just one day, it was nice to be a god. 
To know that all I have to say is... 



Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1 Theme: Sweaters

                          Sweater. Itchy, bulky, always too warm. 
That's what I remember from childhood. Mom used to make us wear those ill-fitting, over-sized sweaters from August to May, and I hated every second spent in them. 

As I learned to knit, the world of sweaters magically changed. I could use any kind of yarn, and make a pullover as fitting as I liked. 
During my years as a knitter, I've made several, but I've always been more of a cardigan-girl. Lately, though, I've knit three sweaters I thoroughly love. 

The first one is a raglan-sleeved top with a high collar. It's made with simple ribbed stitch and very light yarn. All in all it would be very basic, but I made it with a little trick. 
I wanted a top with a shorter front hem. A shrug-like pullover, so to speak. So I designed one. I knit mine in decadently delicious orange <3

The second one is fresh off the needles. I've developed a liking towards cables lately, and I wanted to try and turn a classic a bit more modern. 
For this one, I used recycled yarn (50% wool/50% cotton) which made the pullover warm and chunky. In a way, it reminds me of the dreaded childhood-sweaters since it is quite thick... but over the coming winter, I'm sure I will enjoy the warmth it offers, since our house is a bit on the chilly side. 
This sweater features a relatively open neck. To compensate, I knit a cowl to go with it. 

The last one is my absolute favorite. It's made with 100% cotton, and despite the very simple and straight-forward shape, it is both versatile and sexy. My favorite bit is the crochet edging, which gives the pullover a Victorian feel <3

The orange top and the open collared black pullover are available as a knitting patterns, and the black cabled sweater will soon follow, cowl and all. 

Turns out sweaters and pullovers don't need to be itchy and bulky. They can be soft, sleek, and very feminine. The childhood-nightmare has developed into a warm, kind friend, at least in my life <3