Sunday, December 21, 2014

Clever Title, vol. 666

So I've been in a right funk again. There's so much going on I'm finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning. So I sleep until 1pm, work, eat, watch a film with Husband, and go back to work, and stay up until 5am. 
Really healthy. 

So. What's going on. 
I picked up a hobby this fall. 
As long as I can remember, I've danced, one form or another. This autumn, a dear friend encouraged me to take a dance class she's instructing. As I needed something to distract me from work and... well, Husband, I agreed. Every Thursday since September, I've looked like this. 

The class I'm taking is Oriental Cabaret Fusion, and I'm loving it. The first two times I was completely lost, but now I'm starting to feel like I no longer have two left feet and four right arms of which none knows what the bloody hell they're doing. Instead of tumbling about, I feel like I'm actually getting the hang of dancing again. 
Of course, everything is easier when one is home alone, shaking one's wide Gothic butt to Opeth, but still. Fun. I'm even getting the chance to work on my non-existing social skills, yay.

Work has kept me a bit overwhelmed lately. I took an order on crocheted tank slippers (the link goes to my other blog) while struggling with a big order for my fav client. So of course I got stressed out, and now that everything is done, I'm stressing out about Christmas. 
Which I shouldn't be doing. If all goes as planned, I'll be spending Christmas at my Sister's with Mom and Dad and my favourite Brother-In-Law (he's my favourite 'cause he married my Sis, and is a really, really great guy) and my lovely niece. And Sis, of course, who is my inspiration and role model. 
Not that I'll ever achieve her level of greatness. 

It seems I'm feeling a bit unsure of myself again. Even though dancing is allowing me a way to express myself, I still feel inadequate. Unappreciated. Not good enough. 
Well, I guess inferiority complex is better than god complex. At least this can get better. 

We had a clothes-swap about a year ago. I picked up the grey top there. It's a delightful garment made with mesh, knit fabric, and jersey, and decorated with a fluffy ribbon. I haven't gotten many chances to wear it, since it didn't go with my skirts. Luckily, I found the perfect hems to pair it with at a flea market. 

Top: mystery
Skirt: Reflex, second hand
pls excuse messy 'do, I've never been BFF's with hair spray

The skirt was size ReallyBig, so I took in at the waist band. It's made with gussets at the hem, and twirls beautifully. 
The hem is this wide on both side, and it makes sounds when I move.

The sleeves of the top have lovely details, only they're a little bit short for my arms. I love the rugged feel, it reminds me of the Crunge-look of the nineties. 
You may notice I'm not wearing my wedding ring. Haven't worn it in ages, it seems to clash with the rings I really like to wear.

So. Christmas is, like, in three days. And I still need to finish two presents. Hope I'll make it in time... 

Have a happy Christmas. May your Holidays be filled with starlight and fulfilled wishes. 


Saturday, November 29, 2014

November's Homework Assignment: The mouse who ran away

Early this fall, GrandMa moved away with very little warning. She decided not to take the cat with her, since she had issues with medical conditions. Igor remained with us for a full 48 hours. After that, my allergies got the best of me. And not very surprisingly, after getting an almost clean bill of health, GrandMa started missing her pal. Igor was returned to her, and Husband decided it was time to make us three. 

So he built a home for a small reptile. A home with glass walls and a semi-open roof. We went to pet shops to ogle at Bearded Dragons, and we googled the internet for instructions on how to care for a lizard. A reptile seemed like a perfect choice: they're calm, they don't need humans to play with all the time, and they're relatively easy to care for if you study even a little before getting one.

And then... we went to Seinäjoki, and came home with a mouse. 

WTF, you ask, and so did I. Not that I have anything against a small mammal, it's just that... well, we were going to adopt a reptile and I didn't know a thing about rodents! 

Anyway. The mouse was called Beamish. We added von Mousse, and I called him Le Mousse Domestique. 

The first days passed as Beamish slept, and hid, and came out at night to eat and investigate the corners of his home. On the third day Husband got him to climb on his palm. On the fifth day he brought Beamish some twigs to play with, and on the sixth day, his home was empty. 

We were on our way out the door as we realized Beamish was missing, and being late already, we had no choice but to run. We returned three hours later. I put the sauna on, and Husband set a mousetrap (a big plastic bucket with a ramp leading up and all sorts of treats on the bottom, so if Beamish ventured in, he'd be well-fed until we rushed to the rescue) before going out for the evening. Just as he'd left, I heard rattling from the bin cupboard. I pried the doors open, and saw Beamish. I tried to catch him, but he was too quick, and hid under the floor of the cupboard. The last thing I saw was a furry bottom and a ridiculously long tail disappearing into a tiny hole.

The next morning, the mousetrap was empty. It's funny how quickly one gets attached to a small being. I was worried sick over Beamish, and he still hadn't even dared climb on my hand. 

The day passed in silence. No rattling from anywhere, no mouse droppings to alert us of his presence. And then... 

Around four pm I heard a noise from the bin cupboard. Husband went to investigate, muttering about a mole he saw in there earlier while I still slept. He opened the doors, and found Beamish safely inside a bin bag looking for crumbs. He was quickly returned to a cage, and offered food and water. You could not believe how much the little thing ate! 

After his little adventure, Beamish gained a lot of courage. He climbs out every chance he gets, and runs on our hands and arms looking for food and the opportunity to hide in our clothing. He's a curious little thing, and is proving to be a right joy. I'm still a bit overwhelmed at how quickly he stole our hearts, and would not trade him for any lizard. This little guy almost knows his name, remembers a whole bunch of things, and can figure out a way to get out of his cage. I caught him pushing through the bars once, and realized that as a social, smart animal, he's learned to know us, and wants to be with us. 

Funny little dude. I hope I'll learn to be a good mother to him. 


PS: All photos, part from the last one, are taken by Husband. The last one is a webcam shot I managed one night. Taking pictures of a fast little thing is hard! 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Wicked Little Witch

As Eddie likes to say "Don't panic, don't panic, I'm here!" I haven't died or anything, not even given up blogging, I've just been busy. But today is Halloween, and I dressed up! Yay! 

I don't like buying Halloween costumes. Instead, I like to reach into my cupboards, and combine odd bits and bobs to create an outfit. This year, though, I did add a bit of extra effort. 

I chose to go as a Wicked Witch. 

mesh top, skirts, hat, waist corselet: Heather Wielding Originals
lace top: H&M
shoes: Vagabond

Where to, you ask, silly me, I say. We're going to Club B52 to see Dark Flood and Noumena. The club has an annual Halloween party tonight, so expensive beer, here I come. As a witch. Hope my hat won't give me a headache. 

I can't remember when I last ventured out in a costume. Lucky this is, without the hat, pretty much what I might wear to the club on any night!

 The extra effort- bit is the hat. I didn't own a witch's hat, and by the time I realized I needed one, it was too late to go out and buy one. So I made one. From plastic. Took quite many seams and swears, but it turned out OK. 

What is a witch wihtout stripey socks!

I even made an affort toward creepy make-up. Hardly a masterpiece, but I drew a spiderweb on my cheek. Complete with a spider. I'm pretty certain I'll forget it's there, look in the mirror, scream, and punch myself in the face.
I'm horrified of spiders, so having one on my face is a bit weird.

I was hoping to lok a bit scarier, but, well, can't win every time.

I hope you're all enjoying your Halloween! 


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ränkirock 2014, aka Can You Festival

Yesterday, we went to the local festival. It's a very small happening, but a nice tradition. This year, we got to see almost all the bands, though we had a bit of a rocky start. One of our friends had promised to pick us up so Husband could have a few beers, too, and we learned at six, an hour after the festival had started, that he wouldn't be able to show up until at around eight. So we had to drive there. In a right hurry, since Hoppin' Cretins started at 18:15. We made it, though, and had fun. 

And I wore clothes! 
Having learned a thing or two about the previous outing during sunlit hours, I steered clear from polyester. I picked a long cotton skirt, a lace top, and a light cotton/lace corselet. 

Since the day was sunny, I took my parasol along for the ride. Mainly to make people stare, it's a bit too lacey to actually block lethal rays. It's pretty, though, and I like to show it off. It's hand-made, upcycled from a discarded umbrella. I'm hoping to find another metal framed umbrella so I could make a tutorial on how to do this. 

Lace top, corselet, skirt, parasol: Heather Wielding Originals

 I tried something different with my hair. It's my version of a French twist, and Husband managed to get a shoddy shot. So I must try this again sometime, and get a better picture. 
The earrings are a B-day present from one of our friends. They're light and pretty, and with just the right amount of bling. 

So. Festival. I have no pictures from the actual happening, since I don't like carrying a camera with (total clutch), and taking pics while having fun is just not my thing. So instead, you get music videos. Yay? 

First, there was a band we missed. And then, there was Hoppin' Cretins. They play Ramones covers, and do it pretty well. 
Next, a local group named Ravenshine. Seeing them was a bit strange, since the sun was shining, and they were wearing corpse paint. The contrast was too big to really work, but they played OK. 

After, I finally got to see Revengine. I've missed them countless times, so I was very happy to sit on the grass, drink wine, and watch them play. 
I was a bit disappointed, though, since I'd built them up in my head, and they didn't quite reach up to the expectation. 

Sadly, they only had a "one frame"-video. Their debute album's coming out in just a few days, and I hope they do well with it. 

Then there was a local girl group called Pula. They play punk, and I've never really warmed up to them. After, Koitos played Finnish metal, and I didn't much care for them either. They both played well, the music just wasn't my glass of red. 
I'm picky. 

And then, we had a Russian group. They were the wild card, no-one expected nothing from them, and they turned out very entertaining. So much so I had to get up and go party... 
They were Stepanov's Starlings, and though I don't think I'd listen to them, like on CD, they were ridiculously good live. Incredibly energetic show, they interacted with the audience enjoyably, making us jump and dance and scream, and they wore wings! 

And last, as is traditional. Nitroforce 9. Good old rock'n'roll, with top knotch customer service. They've released their first album, and have made actual videos on singles, so now you get to see why I'm raving about their talented (and very pretty) singer. 

No, they don't really wear ponchos and sombreros. 

Before, Ränkirock has been the high point of summer around here, a sort of gathering of the villagers. This year, everyone was someplace else. Where, I don't know. This made everything seem somehow watered down. It was slow, and quiet, and the bands didn't have that much energy. 

I hope it'll be better next year. 

At this point, btw, I'd like to share a little bit of news. I abandoned the Smashwords-ship, and jumped in with Amazon. Two of my books, the Children of the Night-series (which currently has two parts, with a third on the way, and a fourth an irritating itch behind my right shoulder blade) are available in electronic format, and will soon come available in print as well. To keep track of all the news, along with me venting about writing and stuff, follow my other blog

So. Until next time. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Red & Black Week 2014, Day 5

 Today was the first really hot day of the summer. Naturally, we picked this particular day to go shopping. 
Smart idea. Very smart. 
Let me explain why. 
Most people get used to warming temperatures gradually. They go outside, see the sun, their bodies sort of go with the warmth. 
I, on the other hand, stay in. I don't like it outside. It's bright and the sun hurts my eyes, and did I mention all the bugs who try to eat me alive? 

Also, our house is COLD. I've been wearing sweaters inside up until today. 

So. Today, I woke up at seven after four hours of sleep. I tried to get some more shut-eye, but Husband saw it fit to let out the biggest snore ever. So I got up. Annoyed. At seven. 

I wasn't really in the mood for anything complicated. I spent the morning writing and doing my nails. Toenails got black varnish, fingers Morticia-red. 
And when it came time to put some clothes on, I sort of just reached in the closet, and took the first things that went together. 

Big mistake. 

I chose a red bra, an almost see-through mesh top, and a two layer mesh skirt, which I've shown on the blog before. For footwear, I chose platform sandals. 
Leaving home, the outfit was really nice and cool, but in a sun-warmed city... well, let's just say I'm a bit sweaty right now. 

Just to be on the safe side, I took a shawl with me. Sis made this one. It's crochet, with lovely flower motifs. I got this several years ago, and it's gotten a lot of wear. 

Shopping wasn't all that good, but I did pick up two tops. One red, one black. Just to celebrate red & black week. 

Until next time. 
Remember to drink lots of fluids. 


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Red & Black Week 2014, Day 4: YARR!

The annual Red & Black Week caught me off-guard again. I really should start keeping my eyes open... 
As I was unprepared, I thought I'd have to skip the challenge this year. But today, I remembered I had something stashed. 

Some of you may remember a cold winter's day with a frozen Heather outside, on an icy lake, wearing red velvet. I wasn't happy with the coat, so I took it apart, and redid it. Now, it is practical, fully functional, and fit to be worn. 
At least when hitting the bars... 

Now, as the ice has melted, I am free to go as I please. 
I gave the coat a large collar, and pirate cuffs. The hem falls mid-calf, and the coat is fully lined in black. Every bit of black leather is gone, along with traces of Norse deities. Now, I get to play pirates anytime I want! 

I paired the coat with a long skirt and a satin waist corselet I made, and a lace blouse I picked up from a flea market. The shoes I pimped out long ago, and they're still the best pair of heels I've ever owned. 

I shall sail to the edge of the world, and claim all treasures for myself. I shall be known as Captain Heather, and all shall tremble before me!
The day we took the photos, was the first sunny day of the early yet unstable spring. Remembering the previous outside photo shoot, I was quite happy with having nothing to complain about other than the sun being in my eyes. 

I shall be victour... hey, who the **** stole my ship!
Being Captain Heather was great fun, and I'm glad I took the time to alter the coat. Now, all I need is more opportunities to wear it! 

Until next time. I'll try my hardest to get another post done on Red&Black Week! 


Friday, May 30, 2014

So... short dresses and demonias = frowns?

I've been a bit busy again, but I finally found the joy of blogging again. Yay! Lately, I've been making a evening dress for a client, and it turned out so nice my lingering self-doubt turned into a newly-found joy in working. So again, yay! I've even managed to write a bit, which has lately been a luxury.  

On Wednesday, we went to a near-by town for a spot of grocery shopping. The town is a strange place: it's inhabited with Laestadians, and everyone is really apprehensive about people who are a bit... different. 
I had a bit of a clothing crisis in the morning, and finally settled for a short dress. I was looking for something more modest, but my wardrobe let me down. 
The day was a bit chilly, so I wore a long sleeved turtleneck and shorts under the dress. For footwear, I chose my Demonias. 

The outfit was really comfy, and I decided to enhance it with nearly-matching lipstick. I put my hair up, because it's really started to get into my eyes. Since it's allergy-season, it really irritates me. 
To keep warm, I added a crochet cardigan. 
I thought I looked quite modest, but... well, I went to Seppälä while Husband ran some errands, and two girls followed me the whole time, watching everything I touched like I'd come in to do a bit of shoplifting! I've never gotten  that reaction before, and thought it was hilarious. 
Dress and Cardigan: Heather Wielding Originals
Shoes: Demonia Trump101, second hand
The selection of garments on sale let me down, but I did pick up a wet'n'wild nail varnish. In black, naturally. 

After, we went to buy food, and a lady standing behind me in the line gave me the evil eye. She looked up and down on me with the wickedest frown, and I caught her. As her eyes came back up, they met mine, and I smiled to her. Boy was she embarrassed :D

The cardigan is hand-made, and a complete square. The collar is long enough to be worn as a hood, and it's pretty much my favourite cardigan ever. 
The pattern for it can be downloaded for free on Craftsy and Ravelry (sorry about the info-mercial, but I figured it's OK since it's a freebie). After I'd published the pattern, I added a shell-edge to my cardigan to give it a more elegant flare. 

This thing is  pure love when the house gets cold.
 Last Saturday, we went to a yearly Viking-themed party. It's been a tradition for a whopping three years now. This year, was the funnest I've had to date. I tried axe-throwing and sword fighting and got quite well beaten up. Sadly, no-one was there to take pictures of my outfit. Maybe I should replicate it soon, and give a more detailed post about the feast? 

Until next time.